Lombardi Ridge Preserve
90 acres
Near intersection of Brandy Street and School Road
Public Trail

This parcel offers diverse terrain and scenery including marsh, wooded wetlands, ledges, streams and woods. A public trail begins about ¼ mile east of the intersection of Brandy Street and School Road. The trail is marked with orange blazes and is about 1 ½ miles long. A shorter trail loops around the southern portion of the property and is marked with silver and orange medallions. A memorial stone dedicated to Frank Lombardi’s memory and a bench donated by the four Bolton churches is located in the natural amphitheater, a beautiful resting spot. Park on High Ridge Road and walk east down the gravel road about ¼ mile. At the kiosk, turn right.

Lombardi Ridge Preserve was created from three parcels:  21 acres donated by Rita Lombardi in memory of her husband, Frank, in May, 2003; 51 acres given by High Ridge Farm, LLC in December 2007; and 24 acres donated by the Northern Connecticut Land Trust in September 2010. 


Castlerock Lane
27.66 acres
Public Trail                    

This 25-acre parcel is located at the end of Castlerock Lane, off Webster Lane, in the southern area of Bolton. The parcel was given to the Bolton Land Trust in 2005 by Carl McAllister, and consists of wooded wetlands and upland forest. There is a hiking trail on the property accessible by stairs located on the east side of the cul-de-sac. The ¾-mile long trail is marked with orange blazes and exits onto Hebron Road (it does not form a loop, so walk back the way you came). Park on the Castlerock Lane cul-de-sac.


Bolton Meadows
19.2 acres
Tumblebrook Drive

This property is dominated by a portion of Warner Swamp, a large marsh located in the south-central part of Bolton valuable for retaining flood waters, filtering pollutants and providing wildlife habitat. This property was donated to the Trust in July, 2007 and is located just south of a town-owned open space parcel and contiguous to the Trust’s Duhaime property.


Hatfield Easement
8 acres
Hatfield Drive

The Trust holds a conservation easement on this property which is located behind the westernmost house on Hatfield Drive. The property abuts the Blackledge River on the west. It was given to the Bolton Land Trust by the Mohegan Land Trust in 2009. Wooded wetlands and upland woods are the predominant characteristics. This easement is part of a chain of preserved land which has begun along the Blackledge River corridor, which includes the Phillips Easement, two easements held by the Town of Bolton and land preserved by the State of Connecticut in Gay City State Park.


Blackledge Marsh
19.5 acres
Deming Road
Public Trail

This 19-acre parcel, given to the land trust in connection with the neighboring Strawberry Ridge development in 2004, is notable for its beautiful marsh which supports a variety of wildlife and has been home to beavers intermittently over the past decades. The waterway is part of the Blackledge River. A short hiking trail runs along the east side of the marsh. Currently, the first 100 feet of the trail crosses tall grass and somewhat damp ground, but beyond that the trail is clear and easy to follow. Park on the north side of Deming Road, east of where the water flows under the road.


Phillips Property
2.25 acres (fee simple)
4 acres (conservation easement)  

Corner of Camp Meeting Road and West Street
Located at the intersection of Camp Meeting Road and Clark Road, this wooded property preserves approximately 450 feet along the Blackledge River and a brook that originates in Herrick Park to the east. Donated by Bolton resident and native Bill Phillips in early 2004, this 6-acre property consists of a 2.25 acre piece which the Bolton Land Trust owns outright and a 4-acre piece on which the land trust holds a conservation easement (a conservation easement places restrictions on how the land can be used, such as no building).  

The Phillips Easement is one of a number of preserved open space parcels along the Blackledge River corridor. Directly south of the easement, across Camp Meeting Road, the Town of Bolton holds a 1-acre conservation easement along the west side of the river. Less than half a mile farther south the Bolton Land Trust owns a 19.5-acre parcel (the Deming Road parcel) which protects another section of the river. A few thousand feet south the Bolton Land Trust holds an 8-acre easement whose western boundary is the Blackedge River, and less than a half mile farther south the Blackledge flows into Gay City State Park.


Brook Hollow Easement (Loomis Road)

2 acres (conservation easement)

This easement straddles and protects about 500 feet of the unnamed brook that flows from a pond north of Herrick Park south and eventually to Warner Swamp. Received March 20, 2006.

Coffin and Toomey Properties
2 acres
Bailey Road

These two parcels are contiguous to each other on discontinued Bailey Road. Dr. Laura Toomey and Nancy Fleming donated one parcel in November, 2006 and sisters Joan Swanson and Julie Coffin donated the other in November, 2005. The area is hilly and wooded. 


7.89 acres
Hebron Road

Larry and Joan Duhaime donated this land to the Bolton Land Trust in November 21, 2011. Located about ¼ mile south of School Road, this property is contiguous to the Trust’s Tumblebrook Road property and about one-half mile north of the Trust’s Castlerock Road property, thereby creating a block of about 55 preserved acres in close proximity to each other. The Duhaime property is primarily marshland and is part of Warner Swamp.

Brandy Street

1.24 acres

Members of the Stangeland family donated this wooded land to the Bolton Land Trust in March, 2018. Located just north of Bolton High School, the parcel is situated near 53 acres of open space purchased by the Town of Bolton in 2017 and also near historic Bailey Road where Rochambeau's troops marched in 1781 on their way to camp at the Bolton Heritage Farm. 

Edith Toomey Clark Property
40.03 acres

This property was donated to the Bolton Land Trust in October, 2018 by longtime Bolton resident Jim Clark and former Bolton resident Nancy Fleming.  In the Clark/Fleming family for 46 years, the land was given in memory of Edith Toomey Clark who died in September, 2017.  Jim and Nancy felt that Edie would have wanted the property to become part of the preserved landscape of Bolton which Edie so loved.  The 40-acre parcel is adjacent to the Hop River State Park Trail and Camp Johnson and is across the rail trail from the Heritage Farm. Two hiking trails cross some small streams and are steep in some areas. The Blue trail brings you along the banks of the Hop River. Trails are open year-round for non-motorized uses. Access is from the Hop River State Park Trail and parking is at the Steeles Crossing parking area.